Best Backpack with Lots of Pockets

Modern manufacturers propose many various types of knapsacks. Probably each person can pick up a thing of a necessary complete set. It will correspond to its tastes both on style and on appointment. However, we need to learn how to choose the best backpack with lots of pockets. After all, the bag should be multifunctional and organized. An individual should place the belongings correctly to find them easily when needed. You should keep electronic devices, such as laptops or tablets, in special compartments to avoid damage, right? So, I suggest you look at the top 5 branded products with all the features, pros, and cons. You may compare and consider selecting bags with pockets and zippers for school, work, tourism, gym, daily carrying, etc.

Best Choice
YOREPEK Extra Large Travel Backpack
YOREPEK Extra Large Travel Backpack
Functional and organized bag
This backpack is very practical and convenient for everyday use. Waterproof fabric, wide straps, USB port, and many pockets add multifunctionality and organization. Suitable for work, tourism, college, traveling by plane.

Top-5 Best Backpacks with Lots of Pockets in 2022

Best Choice
YOREPEK Extra Large Travel Laptop Backpack
YOREPEK Extra Large Backpack
• Holds 45 liters
• 2.43 lbs heavy
• 19. 0 x 14. 6 x 10. 2" in size
• Polyester
• Water-resistant
• For a 17 Inch Laptop.

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CAMTOP Vintage Canvas Backpack
CAMTOP Vintage Canvas Backpack
• 1.4 Pounds heavy
• 13 x 17.3 x 4.7" in size
• Cotton and canvas
• USB port for charging on the go
• For a 15.6 inch laptop.

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Multi bag
High Sierra Swerve Laptop Backpack
High Sierra Swerve Laptop Backpack
• Holds 36.5 liters
• 2.2 lbs heavy
• 19.0 x 13.0 x 7.8" in size
• Polyethylene with a Polyurethane lining
• For a 17" laptops.

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For photos
Caden Camera Backpack Bag with Laptop Compartment
Caden Camera Backpack
• 1.98 pounds heavy
• 17.32 x 12.6 x 6.3" in size
• Waterproof polyester nylon
• Protective substrate of 7 layers
• For a 15.6" laptop.

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For college
JanSport TDN7 Big Student Backpack
JanSport TDN7 Big Student Backpack
• Holds 34 liters
• 1 Pound heavy
• 12 x 10 x 17" in size
• Polyester, zippers, and straps
• For 17" laptops.

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According to research by Iowa State University, there are many sorts of knapsacks of distinctive brands. Each item has various capacities, organization, and features. So, every person should choose a rucksack in keeping with the needs: for recreation, job, studying, or traveling. The bags can hold from 11 to 150 liters, have richly compartments for work, travel, college, or just have a few pockets for the most necessary things. I advise you to compare different models, get acquainted with all the peculiarities and the number of required sections. Thus, you will be able to select a thing that will last you for months and with benefits.

YOREPEK Extra Large Travel Backpack – Capacious & Organized Multi-Pocket Bag

Increasingly, people are choosing roomy rucksacks with many sections. Such bags are becoming momentous today. Yorepek extra-large travel laptop backpack is an immense option for many people. It is efficient for every day going to work or college and for tourism, air travel, and more. It adds practicality and a quick check at the checkpoint. I recommend this laptop backpack with lots of pockets for everyone.

Peculiarity and Functionality

This rucksack has many features and benefits. I like it for its excellent organization and practicality. People who have a lot of things to wear all the time can buy an item with confidence. You will place all your subjects properly in different sections. This bag holds up to 45 liters, and the size is perfect for any purpose. It is made of waterproof polyester and nylon. So, your computer, books, or papers are always safe. The pockets open with zippers very wide. Even the check-in at the airport is speedy.


The model has additional advantages. The straps are acceptable, wide, and even if you carry many things, you won’t feel much discomfort. Its back is airflow and lasting for heavy luggage. The knapsack has a USB port, and you can attach headphones. This Yorepek backpack with lots of pockets and compartments is poly-functional. So I recommend it as a good big capacious organized quality model. According to customer reviews, it lasts a very long time and is suitable for many people.

  • More than 20 sections;
  • USB port;
  • Convenience confirmed by TSA;
  • Water-resistance;
  • High capacity and organization;
  • Weak sewing;
  • Zippers break quickly.


Makers have thought of everything down to the smallest detail, from a solid frame that does not create discomfort, straps sewn according to modern ideas to many compartments. They haven’t forgotten about an order, because it’s so meaningful to put everything right, isn’t it? The pockets from sides, organizer, mobile pocket, and more add practicality and expertness to this knapsack.

CAMTOP Vintage Canvas Backpack – Nice Bookbag for School and Work

Often people search a modish thing combined with practicality. Camtop vintage canvas backpack is subject to the following criteria. It has many sections and is sewn in a stylish design from durable fabric: cotton and canvas. Zippers, a handle, and some details have leather upholstery.

You can put in a inside pocket a 15.6-inch laptop. This section is equipped with a band to attach your appliance securely. The model has a USB port that adds considerable comfort on the road. You may easily wash your knapsack in water. I commend it for schoolchildren, office workers, tourists, and many others because this backpack with lots of organization is very practical and convenient.

What is Special?

The size of the backpack allows you to carry many necessary things. You will find internal sections for small items such as pens, certificates. The buyer may discover side pockets from mesh and utilize it for umbrellas, thermos, and bottles. The bag is great to wear every day. Buyers are satisfied with the quality of the item. You can encounter a zipper break or a stretch at the seam rarely.

  • Sufficient capacity;
  • Many departments;
  • USB charging port;
  • Stylish design;
  • Adjusting straps;
  • Easy to clean.
  • No waterproof pockets;
  • No belts around the chest.


I recommend this Camtop canvas backpack to anyone who loves structure and convenience. The straps, a back, and tailoring are qualitative and convenient in use. You can easily pack everything. The rucksack is light, so it won’t be difficult for you to carry it on your shoulders for a long time.

High Sierra Swerve Laptop Backpack – Comfortable and Convenient Shoulder Bag

Manufacturers sewed High Sierra Swerve laptop backpack from polyethylene. Zippers serve as fasteners, spread on both sides, and add comfort even on the go. You can choose a backpack in a variety of shades. The makers tried at the expense of style and design. I believe that the thing is suitable for most students of schools or universities in its style, shape, and design.

What to Look For

I can describe this item as backpacks with lots of space. It is made of quality fabric, has reflective details, airflow back, comfortable wide, which can be slightly adjusted. The USB port is also an advantage of a backpack because, in today’s world, I rarely meet people without smartphones in hand. It has mesh side pockets for water or umbrellas. And also, there are additional belts on fasteners around departments outside. This way, all your things will be stacked correctly with security and support. The manufacturers have tried to make the thing as comfortable as possible while wearing it. The design and shades are also good so that you can select the preferable model.

  • Reflective details;
  • Lots of sections;
  • Great variety of colors;
  • Airflow back;
  • USB port for recharging.
  • Weak stitching;
  • A little high cost.

Recommendations and Ratings

I recommend paying attention to this knapsack. It is comfortable and has high ratings. I think it will suit pupils and students or office workers. After all, it is roomy and planned, has many pockets both outside and inside. You can place all the necessary things: books, documents, pens, laptops, phones, sports uniforms, etc.

CADeN Camera Backpack with Laptop Pocket – Best Comfortable Bag With Camera Compartment

Do you like to take pictures of everything around you? Then it would be best if you had a Caden camera backpack bag with a laptop compartment. It is created as an everyday design bag. But inside, you will notice a great advantage for yourself. It has seven layers made of specialized materials and sections (forming like shelves) for all necessary items and accessories. The rucksack has high protective properties against shock, water. This backpack does not cause pain even when going for a long period, thanks to convenient straps.

What’s the Aim?

The knapsack is made of durable, watertight fabric, specifically for photo and video accessories. Pockets inside protect the camera or laptop from shock. So, you can be sure of its reliability. However, it can also serve as a regular backpack for every day. After all, all substrates are well combined into one whole. At the bottom of the subject, you may see a tripod mount. There are also pockets on the sides. In front, you’ll see a small zippered pocket for the most necessary accessories.

  • Backpack with pockets inside;
  • High protection against water;
  • Convenience and comfort;
  • Designed for photographers;
  • Perfect size.
  • Toxic odor;
  • Weakly sewn seams.

Recent Recommendations

Caden backpack has high ratings among buyers. I recommend this backpack to people who like to carry photos, cameras, and other devices. You can safely walk in the rain or run with a backpack on your shoulders and not worry about precious things. The belts of the bag can be adjusted as you see fit. In this manner, it’s not too big but stylish, roomy, comfortable, reliable, and light.

JanSport TDN7 Big Student Backpack – Convenient Solution for Many Occasions

A lot of people choose backpacks today. Jansport TDN7 big student knapsack is an accessory for an excursion to the city, college, traveling, office, etc. It’s very light and capacious. You may put all the essentials in it wherever you go. This item is created of polyester and closes with zippers. Also, manufacturers have come up with many beautiful tones of this model. Therefore, the buyer can choose under the style of clothing.

Regarding the characteristics

Jansport rucksack has two compartments and many small and medium pockets. The belts are delicate and broad, and won’t cause any discomfort or pain in the back muscles. It has no special compartments inside, but there is much more space for clothes or shoes. You may utilize the first compartment for smaller subjects, and the back section for laptops, books, and clothes. Other departments will accommodate many other necessary accessories.

  • Lots of space;
  • Lightweight;
  • Adjusting straps.
  • Not water permeable;
  • There is no USB port;
  • No internal pockets.

The Last Word

I recommend the thing as bookbags with a lot of pockets for learners or athletes. The makers have thought about style and design, so it’s usable for men and women. The knapsack is quite large. So, you should compare your size and height before buying. Everyone can take it every day because it’s light and convenient. This bag has no internal section for a computer. But it’s more appropriate for learners and tourists.

How to Choose the Best Backpack With Lots of Compartments and Space – Buyer’s Guide

Manufacturers offer many models of knapsacks today. Probably everyone can even get confused with the choice. After all, every buyer may find too large models with large capacity or teeny items for the basic needs. Every individual finds a thing for themselves on Amazon. There are many types, reviews, and questions there that I sometimes pay a lot of warning to. So, here are some tips, and I’ll share my experiences. I hope you know what to concentrate on when selecting. So, let’s go.


As everyone knows, from a variety of choices, everyone takes a thing to their style, needs, design, etc. However, you ought to care for and wash your rucksack properly. Before buying, I always advise everyone to think about how you want to wash the thing. After all, you will not be able to use automatic cleaning for all types. Before the cleaning process, you must look at the labels from the makers. There you may find info about handwashing or utilizing a washing machine, drying, etc. This info is required to avoid damaging things.

Water Resistance

Best backpack with water resistance feature

A minority of buyers look to such a feature. However, this characteristic is a very momentous factor. People who live in step with time carry computers, tablets, phones, don’t they? And imagine that you put the device in a section of the knapsack and it gets wet during the rain. An unpleasant situation, right? So, make sure that at least some of the pockets are waterproof. Some manufacturers often try to please their customers and produce models made entirely of non-wetting fabric.

Comfort and Superiority

Firstly, you ought to look at the straps and back. If you have the opportunity, try on a knapsack and feel whether it doesn’t cause pain and embarrassment in shoulders and back. Sure thing, you put a lot of weight in a big bag. Thus, the belts should be sewn by the right technology, moderately wide. The back should be marked by hardness and lightness. If you want a small backpack with lots of pockets, then today you’ll find many options with comfortable straps and organization.

Check the Durability and Quality

I always advise checking from what fabric manufacturers sewed a rucksack. Look not only at the outer pockets, zippers, and latches but also, on the padding inside. Preferably the inner substrate is made of nylon. So, verify the property of the textile. Besides, pull the fabric slightly at the seams. The most vulnerable place of breakage is lightning, or poor sewing, especially at the seams. I think you’re not buying the bag for several days. A well-stitched strong backpack will serve you a much longer period.

Size, Capacity, and Organization

Size, Capacity, and Organization

Depending on your needs, you can buy a knapsack of varied sizes. It can have a lot of pockets, with several external sections, with hidden compartments, and so on. The main rule for the buyer is to choose a backpack according to their height and torso size. The capacity of rucksacks is also different. For example, travel bags are large with many departments and pockets of different proportions. As for medium models, you can utilize them for work, college, school. The majority of them have special compartments for laptops, documents, small things. In any case, backpacks are organized and capacious.

Design and Style

Very often, people buy backpacks only by its look. Of course, a rucksack can be beautiful on the outside but have no compartments or pockets on the inside. Do you think that such an item will be practical and convenient? I believe that after a few uses, you will be disappointed with your choice. Everyone always has things that should be arranged in different departments. So, try to select a backpack, examining it not only from the outside but also from the inside. And don’t forget about the style. Your bag should match it. There are backpacks in a variety of designs and styles. I believe that the choice will allow you to select your taste and style of clothing.

Price is no Less Important

Of course, you will not be able to claim expensive models if you do not have enough money. However, you should not do this. Very often, the expensive models do not have such good features, but the price is high because of the brand. So, compare all the features of backpacks of different brands and prices.

On Completion

How to Choose the Best Backpack With Lots of Compartments and Space

Choose a backpack that you like in all parameters. If you like comfort, then evaluate all the features that will not cause discomfort to your back or shoulders. If you always have a lot of things, then choose the best bag with lots of pockets. It is a practical solution for students, office workers, schoolchildren, tourists, and others. Everyone will arrange their things in specialized departments if the organization of the backpack allows. This design of rucksacks is very practical, and you can protect your belongings from damage on the road.


What is the Price of Backpacks with Many Compartments?

Prices on backpacks vary depending on many features. It all depends on the brand, sewing fabric, organization, pockets, quality, and many other factors. On average, you can see the price from 100 - 300 dollars. Of course, some models cost 400-600$ from major brands such as North Face, Osprey. However, you can often get promotions and discounts. In this case, the price for a good object can be as much as 30-50 dollars. Amazon offers a variety of bags at different prices. I would advise you to look first at the features that will suit you. The capacity, weight, water impermeability, fabric, quality of the zippers is important. Too expensive models are sometimes not very good and high quality.

Why Should I Choose Backpacks with Many Departments?

Backpacks that have many separate places for things are practical. You can arrange all your stuff in the right specialized departments. So, you do not get confused and always find what you need, even on the go. Many cute backpacks with lots of pockets are on the market today. Why are such items practical? You'll get a lot of pluses:
• Great organization of things in the right places;
• Avoid damaging some things from others;
• Protection of valuable documents, laptops, tablets, etc.

Does the Size of the Backpack Matter?

Yes, of course, size matters. The buyer must first pay attention to this parameter. After all, manufacturers today create many models for different uses. There are large bags for tourism, medium classic rucksacks for work, business, school, or even specialized small backpacks for sports, lunch boxes, etc. You need to determine why you are buying the thing, for what purpose. Then you will focus clearly on the models designed for a particular task.

What to Look for When Choosing a Backpack?

Before buying, you should pay attention to 4 things:
• Are you comfortable? - Comfort and convenience should come first. The backpack should have wide straps and a comfortable back.
• Proper organization. – I like it if a rucksack has lots of pockets and space. In this way, a person will be able to organize all things correctly, in special departments. You may utilize small pockets to store items needed even while walking.
• Protection of equipment from moisture. If you want to carry important documents, books, laptops, etc. in your backpack, you should think about water impermeability.
• Size and weight. The modern market offers many models of different sizes. You have the opportunity to choose the one that suits you in size and weight. After all, I think you won't like using a travel rucksack every day.

Which is Better in Terms of Capacity: a Shoulder Bag or a Backpack?

There are different bags in size and organization, as well as backpacks. You should choose according to your tastes and goals. However, I think that rucksack is better for travel. You can put more things in it. If you walk a short distance to work or school, of course, you can buy a bag. However, if you plan to wear it far away, then you may feel discomfort. Backpacks are roomier and more organized in compartments and pockets. It is more comfortable.

And Finally

Very often, people are looking for a good bag or rucksack for travel, work, college, walking. The multi-compartment backpack is today an ideal replacement of bags for most people. After all, you do not feel discomfort or pain very quickly, wearing such a thing evenly on two shoulders. Unlike a bag, backpacks have a great organization. You can put all your stuff in different pockets. Nowadays, people can choose the right rucksack to their liking thanks to various brands, tailoring, fabric, functionality, lots of storage, convenience. Read useful tips, see all the features, reviews, ergonomics. The right choice is up to you.

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