Best Backpacks for Motorcycle Riders

Sometimes, the issue arises about a backpack or bag for people who like two-wheeled fast transport. Someone always likes to carry documents, money, or food. Someone goes to work on a motorcycle. So, how does a person take certain items with them, including a laptop?

A rucksack is a simple and, at the same time, comfy solution. It is worth thinking about certain criteria, signs, characteristics. I emphasize them because a simple city or tourist backpack is not suitable for a motorcyclist. What are the best backpacks for motorcycle riders? In this paragraph, you will get complete information on selected issues. In addition, I offer an overview of five preferable products. So, let’s go.

JFG Motorcycle Waterproof Backpack with Hard Shell – Perfect Design & Comfy Riding

Are you tired of bags? So, JFG waterproof motorcycle backpack is right for everyone. This accessory is designed for motorcyclists traveling at wind speeds. I have seen many benefits, including its shape, design, and durability. It is light and aerodynamic but roomy and comfy.

Special Details

The rucksack fits perfectly to the body. It does not cause discomfort and interfere with riding. Also, the hidden handle will allow the rider to carry luggage manually. At the same time, it adds style. Inside there are several compartments for placing things in order. The rider can hide a laptop, documents, or a helmet in it. The straps are wide and soft. They lie comfortably on the shoulders. You’ll also not feel back pain even on long trips due to a firm strong back.

  • Waterproof
  • Strength
  • Not dimensional
  • Organized
  • Cheap substrate
  • Flimsy zippers
  • Unpleasant smell


I looked at the knapsack and saw many benefits. I believe, that the manufacturers have tried their best to make a good version of the pack just for motorcyclists. Good customer reviews help to make a good impression on this waterproof, multifunctional, practical thing. So, I recommend it to all avid riders.

ILM Motorcycle Lightweight Backpack with Reflective Stripe – A Practical, Sporty Accessory for a Motorcyclist

This ILM rucksack differs in design from the previous one. It is more like a bag for motorcycle commuting. At first glance, it has no pockets and no lightning. Inside, it is also not rich in sections, one main, and a pocket on the back. It is small in size and designed for documents, money, etc. However, the backpack is completely suitable for a helmet or other necessities.

Take Note

The rucksack is protected from moisture. The material is characterized by strength. Besides, you can see the zipper closer to your back. This means that in the process of moving as fast as feasible, you do not ruin things. This pocket will not open so quickly. Wide and soft straps provide comfort on the shoulders.

  • Practical
  • Waterproof
  • Comfy
  • Weak belts
  • Small

Recommendations and Ratings

Not very noticeable style of backpacks often makes you think. Sometimes, an item looks very simple from the outside is comfy inside. So, I advise you to take a good look at this knapsack. It is soft and waterproof. Its back is mesh, which allows air to pass and not sweat.

MotoCentric Leather Backpack with Helmet Holder – Nifty Look & Versatility

Do you need a quality strong and stylish rucksack? So, the MotoCentric leather knapsack is exactly what you need. It has a cool design and performs many functions. It is made of durable Oxford fabric. Besides, it is waterproof and does not wear out quickly. The helmet mesh is perfectly hidden under the zipper and performs the functions of the holder very well.


Such a backpack with a helmet holder has a nifty solid back with special protrusions. The rider feels comfy on transport. He can make any bends and turns with a knapsack on his shoulders. If you have momentous equipment such as a laptop or documents, you can safely hide them in a rucksack. It doesn’t wrinkle, does not change shape, and does not damage your important items.

  • Waterproof
  • Helmet holder
  • Laptop department
  • Reflective strip
  • Weak zipper
  • High price


The rucksack is resistant to falls and will even protect your back from injury. It is capacious and organized. Don’t you have any other things except a helmet? Then you will not need a net. You can safely put the helmet inside the bag. I am satisfied with the look and quality. According to reviews, I see positive and satisfied ones.

Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Pack – Multifunctional Perfect Design

This Mubasel Gear pack is a versatile rucksack that is suitable for both men and women. It is very roomy and comfy thanks to the straps. Also, it’s appropriate not only for motorcyclists but also for tourists. You can perfectly organize all your things by the department. In addition, it’s not large and looks close-packed.

What’s touching?

This model is quite practical. It is made of a durable fabric of various colors. Beginners and experienced riders can utilize it. From the outside, you will see laces that will allow you to pull the bag and make it even smaller if necessary. At the bottom, there is a net for the most necessary things on the road.

  • Motorcycle hydration pack
  • Large-volume
  • Many functions
  • Weak tailoring
  • Low tightness

Final Verdict

I inspected the pack on all criteria and analysis. I see that it is very expedient and practical. Although its design is not too similar to a motorcycle knapsack, it is nifty for all parameters. The presence of strong wide standard straps and a belt at the bottom creates great comfort and practicality. The bag will not be dangling all over the back, even at a too high speed.

MIHUNTER Motorcycle Waterproof Backpack for Men – Safe Driving Day & Night

MIHUNTER backpack is used to meet all the needs of motorcyclists on the road. It is roomy, reliable, and stylish. Also, it differs from other models by its design and practicality. Each rider will put a lot of things in it. In addition, you can place the helmet in an added net and attach it to both the knapsack and the vehicle.


This model is suitable even for motorcycle women riders. It is roomy and compact. It is made of durable fabric that protects all your things inside from water. In addition, it is easy and practical on the road. Hidden lightning locks compliment the design. Riders can put things in four pockets including documents, a laptop, a tablet, or money. Its straps are soft which does not cause painful sensations on the shoulders during long movements.

  • Nice fittings
  • Waterproof
  • Grid for a helmet
  • Poorly designed
  • Bad zippers

The Last

If you like to carry a lot of things, then this pack is for you. I saw many benefits, in particular, it is not determined by color but by practicality. I recommend it to riders of any gender. You can easily attach it to a vehicle or take it on yourself. The main pocket opens on the back. I consider that this feature is an advantage. You won’t ruin things in the process of fast driving because the knapsack is firmly attached to the back.

How to Select a Backpack for a Motorcyclist? – Buyer’s Guide

Many people often look for a motorcycle backpack to carry things. Of course, rucksacks are a convenient accessory. However, they are not the last option for transporting things. There are many other variants for storage when riding a motorcycle. For example, panniers, trunks, tank or tail bags can help. However, I still lean towards knapsacks that you can take on your shoulders and go to the toilet at the gas station. So, let’s consider, how to make the right choice, the difference between motorcycle rucksacks and regular ones.

Is a Regular Knapsack Different from a Motorcycle Rucksack?

How to Select a Backpack for a Motorcyclist

Those who enjoy riding a two-wheeler often utilize a regular knapsack for things. Of course, for someone to be without a bag is like being without hands. However, I do not recommend replacing specialized models with ordinary everyday ones. Travel backpacks often do not have large nets or compartments for helmets. In addition, I found a few differences:

  • Capacity
  • Small size
  • Helmet mesh, belt, section
  • Hardback
  • Not dimensional forms
  • Side ties
  • Additional compartments
  • Reflective inserts

A dry bag is momentous for a motorcycle rider. As you know, rain can be in the summer and the winter and start suddenly. So, most motorcycle rucksacks are waterproof as opposed to simple types.

Why Do You Need a Special Motorcycle Rucksack?

As I said above, a specialized backpack has some other features. For example, it is very easy to utilize. It has no extra items, no unnecessary straps. You can easily put it on, thanks to the hardback. In addition, the backrest will provide comfort while driving. As a rule, the weight is distributed on the thighs. This way, the rider will not feel strained on his arms, shoulders, and neck. It does not create any resistance while driving. Besides, a firm back helps protect your spine from injury during an accident.

What Factors Are Important for a Good Choice?

Best Backpacks for Motorcycle Riders

There are backpacks for running that you can safely take for a morning jog or to work. They have certain features, including size, shape, and weight. Also, you should consider certain factors when selecting the best backpacks for motorcycle riding.

  • Small size – large capacity. The backpack should be small. It does not reduce the speed of the rider and adds discomfort and burden. However, in turn, it must contain a large number of essential items. Organization and compact tailoring contribute to this.
  • A rigid back is the first main criterion that I advise you to pay attention to. The correct shape of the back with special inserts allows you to feel comfortable and bend at different angles. In addition, it holds its shape and does not fly in the wind.
  • Quality material, sewing seams, fittings affect durability. Make sure the material is waterproof. Lightning locks should be easy to unbuckle but be strong.
  • Many compartments, pockets, a helmet holder, a bottle net will allow you to organize all things.
  • See if the rucksack has a secret pocket inside. If you are traveling far away, it may be suitable for documents or money. If not, then I advise you to make a secret pocket
  • Reflective elements are important when driving at night. I always pay attention to such details.
  • Comfortable wide straps and streamlined shape. Do not buy a knapsack with thin straps. I don’t think you travel far in comfort. As a rule, thin belts cut the shoulders, even eventually tighten through the jacket.

There are other criteria, but they are similar to choosing a regular knapsack. The design, the bottom with legs, or the decor is diminutive.


Is It Safe to Ride with a Knapsack?

If you always like to carry a few things such as snacks, water, documents, shoes or other things, then you should buy a specialized backpack. I do not advise overloading it and taking a regular rucksack. It has completely different characteristics and can cause discomfort while driving.

Is It Safe to Transport Things on a Motorcycle?

You can carry things in a knapsack or a special bag. I do not see any danger in this. However, there is one thing you should not do. This is too much cargo or dimensions are too large. So, you can lose your balance and put yourself and others in danger.

What Is More Profitable for Riding a Motorcycle: a Rucksack Vs. a Bag?

It depends on what things you carry. You can safely take a small backpack to carry a few things. You should think about more profitable large accessories that are securely attached to the motorcycle.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a bag or rucksack sometimes seems like a daunting task. A person should take the time to understand all the factors, criteria, and characteristics. Riding a motorcycle with a backpack is sometimes dangerous if it is too overloaded or not designed for it. Therefore, I advise you to read all the features and my tips. Based on the criteria, you can confidently choose the thing that best suits your preferences and needs. Inspect the design, equipment, belts, back, fabric, and other characteristics. Compare several types, and choose the most suitable for you.


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