Best Backpacks for Running to Work

Rucksacks today play a special role in the lives of everyone from young to old. They are comfy, of various shapes and sizes, styles, volumes, shapes, etc. Do you like to run to work? Is the computer, snacks, or documents your luggage? Then, perhaps, you should choose the best backpacks for running to work. Let’s look at some nuances. Also, pay attention to the review of the top five products.

TOP 5 Run Commute Backpacks in 2021


Nike Hayward 2.0
• 17.72 x 14.96 x 7.48 inches
• Weight - 14.6 ounces
• Department - Unisex-adult
• Waterproof - Yes

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BOPAI Super Slim
• 11 x 2.8 x 17 inches
• Weight - 1.5 pounds
• Department - Unisex-adult
• Waterproof - Yes

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Best Choice

Osprey Daylite Plus
• 21 x 13 x 3 inches
• Weight - 1.19 Pounds
• Department - Unisex-adult
• Waterproof - No

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Samsonite Kombi
• 5 x 10.5 x 16.25 inches
• Weight - 1.54 pounds
• Department - Unisex-adult
• Waterproof - No

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• 13.39 x 18.5 x 6.69 inches
• Weight - 12.7 ounces
• Department - Unisex
• Waterproof - No

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Nike Hayward 2.0 Backpack for Women and Men – Versatile & Sporty for Running

I often like to buy bags that are practical for any event. This Nike Hayward 2.0 rucksack is perfect just for running to school, work, and for a walk in the park. You probably need to take some trifles or water, don’t you? It is light and strong enough with many features.

Special Details

This backpack for running gear is suitable for any age and gender: for children, teenagers and adults. Such a feature speaks of its universality. You can choose from a large number of colors. Although its size is small, you can put everything you need there. It has movable straps. Everyone adjusts them to their figure and height. Besides, adjusting the straps will help make it more stable when running. You will find small pockets inside where you can store your most valuable documents or phone.

  • Small size
  • Versatility
  • Convenience
  • Lightness
  • The bottle pocket is too small
  • Low capacity

I consider this knapsack a good choice for jogging, walking, school, and even for travel. You probably need to put some water or a snack somewhere, don’t you? So, I think you will like the stylish sports design, strong tailoring, and universal approach. Moreover, the bag is light. Therefore, it will not create a heavy load and back pain.

BOPAI Super Slim Waterproof Backpack – For Work, Business & Travel

Do you work in an office? Do you like the business style? If you need to run or ride a bike to work, this BOPAI Super Slim rucksack is the perfect solution. It will easily fit your laptop, phone, wallet, documents, and other essentials. So what else is special about its functionality?


In appearance, this is the best running backpack for commuting. It is small and light compared to regular backpack weight. Inside it has small compartments for the most important details, such as a smartphone or wallet. You can hide the laptop in a specialized office. It is prepared with a soft insert to protect your device from shocks. Besides, it is safe even in rainy weather. I like the inconspicuous pocket on the strap. You can hide the credit card there.

  • Beautiful design
  • Very light
  • Compact
  • Weak tailoring
  • Too narrow

So, taking into account the reviews, I think this pack is complete for transferring the most important things to work. I don’t think it will sway or bounce while running. Everyone can adjust the straps for more easement.

Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack – Capacious, Reliable, and Durable

Do you require picking up a universal option? Then I advise you to look at the Osprey Daylite Plus rucksack. It is the perfect size for essentials and more. You can easily run with it on your back. It is light and comfy. I think it is a nice men’s and women’s running backpack.


Its functionality and organization are well-thought-out. It will fit a lot of things well. So, you can take it every day, either on travel or on a business trip. It closes with a zipper so you can get to the luggage very quickly. Besides, it is equipped with additional straps. You can fix it on your chest. It helps avoid shaking when running. The other straps snap it on the sides, keeping things safe. The number of pockets is sufficient for an excellent organization.

  • Good design
  • Versatility
  • Practicality
  • Uncomfortable around the neck
  • Very long

I consider this knapsack very practical not only for running, work but also for travel. It has a well-thought-out design. The front pockets are for water bottles, lunch, umbrellas, etc. So, I recommend it for tall girls and boys. It is suitable for you in different situations.

Samsonite Kombi Backpack with Smart Sleeve – The Stylish Organizer for All Needs

It’s hard for me to imagine my life without a rucksack. I often go to work in a hurry. And a shoulder bag adds me discomfort. But, after reviewing the Samsonite Kombi pack, I noticed its practicality. I like the style with small compartments on the zippers. What else is striking?


I am impressed by the practicality. The product has a special compartment for the laptop on the back. Inside there are several small pockets for the most considerable items. It is roomy. It is a good backpack for running to work. Besides, I think you can wear it not only for a job but also on vacation, travel or business trip.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact structure
  • Comfy straps
  • Bad tailoring
  • Not high-quality material

The unpleasant feeling when a bag or knapsack cuts in the shoulder, right? So, the Samsonite rucksack is suitable for facilitating your traffic in different situations. It is quite roomy and inexpensive. Besides, it has a good organization inside. I think you put all the things well in certain places. It is lightweight and doesn’t cause discomfort even when filled for a long time. I recommend it as a good option for running to work.

PUMA Buzz Backpack Zip Fastening Travel Casual – Multi Functionality & Practicality

It’s time to pay attention to the rather practical PUMA Buzz model. Everyone may utilize it every day, running to work, travel, leisure, business trips, air travel, etc. I like its design. It’s a pity that the material is water permeable. Of course, it won’t get wet in light rain. Nevertheless, strong rain is too problematic for it.


This commuter running backpack has a perfect size. You can take it on jury duty by putting water and a snack there. It has several pockets on the outside and inside. It is sewn on the side with two mesh compartments. They are used for water bottles, which can be easily reached on the go. You can adjust the straps to suit your needs. They are wide and do not cause discomfort.

  • Wide comfy straps
  • Practicality
  • For different purposes
  • Not very high quality
  • Poor sewing

I like this knapsack. It is great for everyone due to its functionality and practicality. Its volume allows you to put many things you need to work or walk around the city. In addition, I think you will like its design and organization. I once used a similar rucksack for a long time.

How to Find a Good Running Backpack for Commuting? – Buyer’s Guide

All rucksacks have different looks and functional differences.  To make the right purchase, everyone needs to consider a few questions:

  • Take its characteristics seriously.
  • Think about all needs.
  • Compare necessities with the knapsack possibilities.
  • Focus on style and design, depending on what you need to transfer.

Let’s take a closer look at which characteristics are important in selecting the best backpack for running.

Consider the Needs

Best Backpacks for Running to Work

Everyone has different needs, jobs, and tastes. So, I always look for bags according to my needs. But, you should also think about the answers to the requests.

  • What is the product for?
  • For what purpose will I use it?
  • What will I wear?
  • How many things should be placed in it?

All these and many other ambiguities subsequently affect the convenience, performance, and satisfaction of your requirements. So, don’t neglect and don’t make hasty decisions. Instead, compare the characteristics of the product with your needs.

How About Practicality & Easy Access?

When I choose a rucksack for myself, I first look at the straps and back. It is the most important. Do you want your shoulders and arms hurt? I think no. Check their ergonomics, back ventilation, and sewing, especially on the seams.

It would be nice if a running backpack were with a phone holder and other different compartments. You may need some items or even water. Therefore, you should easily and quickly get them out of your package.

Cool Design or Simplicity?

The design also plays a momentous role even when choosing a knapsack for running. Do you work in the office? Must you carry a laptop, documents, or other important things? Then probably the sporty style of the bag won’t fit into your wardrobe. Are you a fitness coach or run to the gym? Then this type will be just right for you.

Today, you may find many models of medium size but a variety of designs. I would advise you to select an item according to your style. Sometimes the simplest design can be the most useful and practical for you.

Think of Lightweight

Best Backpacks for Running to Work

When choosing a model, I often look at the weight of the product. You probably don’t want to feel heaviness on your back without even having anything in your bag, do you? Therefore, the material itself must be strong and light.

According to the University of Washington research, you should moderately fill your pack. It does not matter its size, a large or small running backpack. You can only put the necessary things when you go to work. On the way home, you may pack more things.

What is the Organization?

The orderliness of things depends on the inner design of the knapsack itself. Do you like to put everything on the shelves? Then pay attention to the models with a lot of compartments. Thus, you put everything according to your needs and convenience.

Do you need a pack purely for sneakers or lunch? Then you may find roomy items with a few main pockets. However, I would insist on at least one sewn secret pocket. There you will hide documents or credit cards. In addition, a compartment for mobile would not be superfluous.

Take a Look at Water Resistance & Durability

This is one of the momentous factors that affect the integrity and security of your belongings. The weather is changeable, and your documents, clothes, equipment, phone, or laptop can suffer from unexpected rain. So, choose durable waterproof materials.


Is Running with a Knapsack Beneficial?

Of course, any load on the shoulders slows down. You may even feel back discomfort. However, in time it will pass. I think that your rucksack won’t hurt if you pack it only with the essentials.

Why Does My Pack Bounce When I Run?

Maybe your rucksack doesn't have extra straps? You could pinch them to your chest. This will stop bouncing. Otherwise, at least adjust the straps.

Should You Select a Specialized Backpack for Running to Work?

It's worth thinking about a specialized product. Many companies and brands create the perfect special-purpose knapsacks. They are compact, light, and comfy. You won’t run to work with a big heavy backpack every day, will you?


It is not always convenient to carry a shoulder bag or hand pack on your work. Especially, it interferes when you are in a hurry or likes to combine sports and the road. The rucksack is a great alternative to these items. The main thing it is convenient and easy for you. I hope my article has helped you decide about what are the best backpacks to run with. Please pay attention to the features and compare them with your needs.


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