Can I Bring a Backpack to an Interview

Many job seekers believe that the main thing in the interview is the mind of the person. Style and appearance do not matter. I once heard, ‘It doesn’t matter if you take a bag or a rucksack. Your knowledge is more important.’ However, such views are very erroneous. Your appearance, style, accessories play a significant role for many employers of modern companies. Therefore, you can make some impression on the future boss during the interview. Some may ask, ‘can I bring a backpack to an interview?’ In this article, we will understand the following issues. Besides, we find out what knapsack type to choose, and others.

Bag Vs Backpack: Which is Better for the Interview?

I understand that today rucksacks have a special niche in the life of almost every individual. As for me, it’s no wonder. I also prefer such accessories. Nevertheless, can we always take a knapsack instead of a bag in case of an interview, for instance? How to carry documents for an interview in it? Many people ask themselves such questions in situations of meeting with employers.

How to carry documents for an interview

Modern manufacturers constantly surprise us with various models. There are specialized backpacks for documents and laptops. Also, you may find more capacious types for additional necessary things. The same goes for bags.

I often hear thoughts that knapsacks do not look so formal and professional. Why? I believe that some types aren’t worse or less professional than bags at all. Therefore, I made a table comparing bags and rucksacks based on the opinions of both users.

Bag Rucksack
Looks more professional Does not look formal enough
Corporate classic style More individual style
Come in a variety of shapes and sizes Also marked by a diversity of sizes and designs
Less convenient when transporting heavier items More versatile, capacious, and comfy

So, I don’t see much difference in rucksacks and bags for interviews male or female. The straps are the only thing that can be various. As for capacity or style, there are no problems with that today. You can choose a formal laptop backpack quite similar to a bag. The final decision is up to you, depending on your preferences and needs.

What Kind of Knapsack is Right for My Interview?

If you are a fan of knapsacks, then don’t worry. I understand that you may not be comfy walking with a case, folder, or bag. The main task is to choose the right type so as not to look stupid.

bring a purse to the interview

There are several types of backpacks with many features. Of course, all characteristics such as size, shape, capacity are of great importance. So what should you pay attention to?

  • Carrying documents for an interview often requires appropriate bags with a good organization or rucksacks with many pockets. This feature will allow you to arrange all things accordingly as on the shelves.
  • Pay special attention to the availability of laptop pockets and documents compartments.
  • I would advise you to look at the hardness of the back and material. Such models look more elegant to work with. In addition, your documents do not bend in such models.
  • Do not choose too bright shades. I would generally prefer neutral, gray, and black colors. They add rigor to the style.
  • The backpack should be compact, comfortable but not too big. In general, I advise you to focus on the average size.

Does the size of the rucksack matter? – You ask. Yes, the size of the interview bag matters. It should contain all the necessary things. First, you should take documents and resumes. In addition, you may need a water bottle, a phone, maybe a tablet or laptop.

Try to avoid sports bags and knapsacks. They have no shape and do not fit into the work style and even clothes. Well, of course, if you do not go for an interview as a sports coach. In this case, you can also take sportswear.

A big mistake for beginners in this matter is to bring a purse to the interview. You have to take a resume paper. This is the first document, but there are others. Moreover, I doubt you will be able to put them in your purse normally. If you need to put another laptop or something else, will you take an additional package? I don’t think it would be a good idea.

I think it’s okay to have a rucksack for an interview. Modern manufacturers offer a growing selection of models. The only rule is to choose the appropriate design. I consider that selecting leather goods or hard fabrics are preferable. They look stylish, expensive, and beautiful.

Wrapping Up

The interview is an important step in getting a job. Appearance is very influential at once. Therefore, the ability to impress the employer is momentous at first sight. I advise you to think about your style and choose a bag or knapsack of the most suitable format. Carrying a backpack to interview does not cause as many problems as taking it for jury duty. However, I do not consider that a sports bag or travel rucksack will effectively fit into the classic restrained clothing. I hope my tips will be useful to you. So, I wish you success in passing the interview.


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