Can I Bring a Backpack to Jury Duty?

Did you receive a summons to be a member of the jury in court? This is a big responsibility and duty. Not everyone can get such a summons. However, if you fit, what can you take with you? You ask, ‘Can I Bring a Backpack to Jury Duty?’ Then let’s understand together. This paragraph will give you a complete answer and interesting info.

What Do I Need to Bring to Jury Duty?

Many people who have to be jurors before going to court think what they can take there. For example, is it better a small bag or a backpack, food or drink, or nothing at all? I decided to make a chart. So, you prepare yourself properly.

What take? What means?
Water You’ll probably want to drink all day long. So, take a drink with you.
Food Take a snack. The day may be too long.
Cash You may not find ATMs in the area near the court.
Book You need to deal with boredom, even during breaks. Therefore, the books help you.
Napkins If it is hot in the courtroom, napkins will help cope with sweat.

You should find out several rules for jury duty in NYC or another state regarding a backpack. As you understand, the day and expectations can be too long. And you need to hide food and water somewhere.

The ability to take it depends on the judge. Most courts understand and allow taking rucksacks. In this case, you should take the most necessary things. These are a snack, water, a napkin, charging for a mobile phone, etc. Others may forbid taking it. To be sure, go to the site and read the rules.

How to Behave & How Don’t

take a backpack to jury duty

If you want to feel as free and comfy as possible, you should prepare for jury duty. What to pay attention to? Read some tips from my own experience.

  • Go to the court’s website. You can find helpful guidance there regarding clothes, things, necessary behaviors, etc.
  • The parking lot may be crowded. I would advise you to go by public transport. You can be late while looking for a place to park your car.
  • You ask, ‘Can I bring electronics to jury duty? Yes, you can take headphones, computers, and gadgets and use them on breaks. However, in the courtroom, you should switch off them.
  • It is forbidden to take videos or take photos in court.
  • Don’t be late at all. This is an unacceptable action. You didn’t come to the cinema, did you?


I believe you have understood my advice. If someone asks you what to do, how to behave, or does he take a backpack to jury duty, you tell. I consider you’ll give a thorough answer. Be responsible and honest.

Marion Humble

Marion Humble

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