How Long Should a Shoulder Bag Strap Be

How Long Should a Shoulder Bag Strap Be?

Why does a woman need a bag? This is a rhetorical question. Probably everyone knows the popular jokes that the whole universe – from lipstick to pliers are in woman’s purse, right? The bag is not only functional. It creates a mood, image, emphasizes the taste and individuality of its owner. Bags on a chain have recently received special recognition. I prefer handbags with shoulder straps. They are quite small. However, a long silver, metal, or leather strap allows you to throw it over your shoulder and control it securely. That is why such a handbag is an ideal option for the city and close transport. The only question for many women is how long should a shoulder bag strap be? I will try to share my experience with you.

Main Criteria for Selecting a Women’s Bag

Today there is a vast range of handbags of various sizes and colors. You can see bags made of natural and synthetic materials designed for different purposes. Every woman should have several bags for all occasions:

  • for work,
  • a visit to the theater or cinema,
  • a walk around the city,
  • a trip to the supermarket, etc.

This is the perfect solution. Of course, handbags differ in size, color, material, accessories, and other features. So you need to choose the bag for specific purposes properly. How? Pay attention to the main criteria.

Main Criteria for Selecting a Women's Bag

Purpose of buying

Before you buy a bag, you need to understand where you will most often wear it. Accordingly, you can choose the style, color, material, size, number of compartments, etc. If you need a bag for everyday work, the most practical option is to buy a genuine leather bag. When the purse should emphasize the evening image, you may pay attention to the models with original designer jewelry.

Material of manufacture

Here you need to understand that quality bags will usually retain a decent appearance much longer than more budget counterparts.

Size and length

You should always start with your habits. Take everything out of your old bag and estimate what size you suit. If you choose a handbag for everyday use, you should pay attention to the messenger bag. It is suitable for daily use for both men and women. I like bags of this type and use them very often. They are comfortable and have wide straps, which I can adjust to my height. How to measure strap drop I tell you below.


Speaking of bags for everyday wear, it is better to choose models in calm tones and without extravagant jewelry. A simple, neat strap is always subject to replacement. After all, you will wear it every day. Firstly, it should fit most of the wardrobe. And secondly, it should not get bored quickly.

How Long Should a Crossbody Strap Be?

How Long Should a Crossbody Strap Be

The bag designed to give comfort, right? No one wants the purchased accessory to interfere with walking and cause any discomfort. One of the essential selection criteria is knowing how long it is? If you need to get something from a purse, then it should be comfortable in any position. It shouldn’t somehow restrict your movements. There is no universal strap length for your bag that can be measured. It all depends on individual data – height and shape.

Height of a PersonDrop Length
5'2" and shorter18"
5'2" – 5'8"20"
5'8" and taller23"

I practiced that the optimal level is the area from the waist to the thighs. So you can quickly get everything you need out of the bag. That is, the main criterion is your comfort. A handbag is an accessory that you need to try on before buying. Primarily, this rule applies to everyone who chooses a crossbody model over the shoulder. Visually, you may like it very much. But on the other hand, it doesn’t fit your figure. Be sure to look at yourself in the mirror before making a final decision.

Strap Drop Meaning

My friends often ask me what strap drop is when they want to buy a bag. Of course, this is not too difficult to understand. I’ll simply tell you. Take your bag and put it on the table in a supine position. You will see how the straps of the backpack form a circle like a drop in appearance. This is called strap drop.

What is Strap Drop Length?

The length of the belt plays a vital role in terms of appearance and comfort. You can wear bags on a long strap only at the waist or a little lower. However, you shouldn’t wear purses in the middle of the thigh. It’s inconvenient. The easiest way to find out how long is the strap is to measure the length of the drop itself. It’s also pretty easy. I measure the length from the center top of the bag to the fold of the tightest strap.



Modern women strive for minimalism in appearance. But the bag has always been and will be an integral part of the wardrobe. If you decide to buy a bag with a strap, then I can advise you on one best option. There are handbags in which the straps are adjustable. It is very convenient. So try to choose a bag where you can adjust the shoulder bag strap length. However, if you bought a purse, but it is too long, then don’t rush to throw it away. You can go to a sewing workshop where you can cut the strap to the desired parameters.

Keep in mind that the handbag on the long belt is worn at the hips or waist. So it can draw attention to this area. Therefore, choose a style and color, taking into account the features of your figure and appearance. If there is something to emphasize, then the bag will help you and vice versa. It is a little piece of advice from me.

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