How To Wash a Purse in a Washing Machine

Different types of handbags are in the arsenal of probably every modern girl. Women use such accessory from different materials for a variety of personal situations. Girls put coach purses everywhere: on the floor, in the car, on the table, on the bus, in the closet. Any purse is a friend of every woman, right? Thus, such an indispensable accessory becomes dirty. It begins to lose its attractive look. The handbag collects dust, dirt, and stains that we need to clean up. However, not everyone knows how to care for different bags and how to wash a purse in a washing machine?

In this article, we will discover the secrets and answer various questions. We’ll find out:

  • How to do laundering right;
  • What materials can we clean in the washer;
  • Is it possible to wash purses, etc.

So let’s get started!

Cleaning of Different Types of Purse Materials

Before and after washing purse in the wash machine

Sooner or later, you may notice dirt on any coach, leather, or fabric purse. You can solve the problem yourself. The issue of washing handbags is very relevant today. Of course, you cannot wash the purse like a regular skirt or jacket. It will quickly lose its shape and attractiveness.

The material of the thing plays an important role in this case. Check the material of the purse before laundering. Thus, you can select one or another method safe for the fabric, nylon, or any other purse. You can launder in the washer things from dense, durable material:

  • Nylon;
  • Cotton;
  • Denim (jeans);
  • Tarpaulin;

It is worth trying to return the handbag to an attractive look at home. You can use proven methods and available tools. The main thing is to choose them correctly.

Considering the variety of types and models, you ought to start cleaning the bag by determining the material of manufacture. Not all of them are subject to wet purge or washer.

Material Cleaning Type °C Squeezing
Fabric In the washer >30 Easy
Leather Wash by hands
Nylon In the washer >30
Cotton In the washer >30 Easy
Velour Dry Cleaning
Jeans In the washer 30-40 Easy
Tarpaulin In the washer 30-40

How to Wash a Leather Purse?

How to wash a leather purse

When deciding if it is feasible to wash a leather handbag, you ought to keep in mind some things. The natural material is susceptible. It won’t be suitable for use after processing in the washer. You get a wrinkled, hard thing. The preferable option is gentle dry care or hand washing.

Before you start washing a leather bag, you need to find the type of its material. If it is smooth and shiny genuine leather, it tolerates moisture well. It is less prone to pollution. You can wash such leather purse, although it isn’t desirable. And if the natural leather is matte, it means that there is no supplementary coating. Therefore, it is better not to soak it.

There are no absolute prohibitions on machine wash. But you shouldn’t risk an essential item. The bag loses its shape. You must choose laundering modes with the least turnings and reliable leather handbag cleaner and conditioner.

Proper Cleaning: What To Look For?

Laundry bags to wash a leather purse

  1. Before cleaning, you ought to view the contents of all pockets or compartments in the bag. Take all things out of it;
  2. Clean the thing with a brush from dirt and dust in advance;
  3. Check the bag for mold. If it is, use our article;
  4. Use special laundry bags (see example in the photo).
  5. Check the colored bags first by hand. Wet the edge of the bag and see if it fades;
  6. Start cleaning better from the inside. There are many tips on how to wash the inside of a purse. You can do this by hand with a brush, with a little water.
  7. Wrap all decorative details, wooden handles, metal clasps with something before cleaning, for example, take polyethylene;
  8. Before using detergents, be sure to test them in an inconspicuous area.

Can I Put My Bag in the Washing Machine?

There are different situations in women’s lives in which handbags often suffer. The bag becomes dirty and undue. From time to time, girls ask each other a question: “how do you wash a purse”? And only a few know the answer. You ought to look at the label to find out whether you can wash a bag. If the manufacturer allows such washing, then feel free to wash. In other cases, look for another method of cleaning if you do not want to damage the product.

Info on how to wash purse in the washer is always on the label on the reverse side. You will see prohibitions and permits for certain washing, water temperature, etc. You may apply to a dry cleaner. Specialists can remove dirt on some products fast and without harm.

If you want to wash a bag in the washing machine, you must set the delicate mode. Follow the instructions. The aggressive effect during washing can damage the product.


And Finally

We ascertained all the features of handbags wet or dry cleaning. We learn how to clean bags accurately. So it is worth remembering that you ought to launder handbags very seldom. Use a washing machine with great care, regardless of the type of material. Moisture and washing worsen the look of the purses, especially from leather.


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