How to Wash Backpack in Washing Machine

Very often, I come across the question, “Are backpacks washable?” Why not? Of course, a rucksack is a thing that we use in different situations. Accordingly, we must periodically clean or even wash it. Today, we become accustomed to washing machines. We clean almost everything with its help. But there are many nuances of cleaning when it comes to backpacks. So, we need to learn the basics, especially to pay attention to the material. After all, we cannot wash all types of textiles in the machine, or, at least, we must know the right technique. Let’s learn how to clean rucksacks in general, and how to wash a backpack in a washing machine?

Most Popular Rucksack Brands & Cleaning Instructions

Everything we use needs care, doesn’t it? The backpack also refers to the things we utilize all the time. Therefore, it can be dirty too. We need to know the right cleaning instructions. When it comes to stuff from well-known brands, the question is more complicated. After all, such things are expensive. And we don’t want to throw them away right after the first wash, do we?

I have collected several sought-after backpack US brands in the table. You can find out if you can wash them in the washer. I also tried to identify ways to clean.

Brands Cleaning in Washer Recommendations
Goruck Don’t clean in the washing machine
  • Use hand wash;
  • Clean with a soft brush and soapy water;
  • Rinse with clean water;
  • Dry in the air in a suspended form.
Mission Workshop Delicate mode with cool water
  • Take clean water;
  • You can wash by hand or with a soft brush;
  • If you have a too dirty backpack, take a mild soap;
  • Dry only in the air.
Mystery Ranch Machine washing is not recommended
  • Wash in warm water;
  • You can take a mild detergent;
  • In case of strong stains utilize hydrogen peroxide;
  • Dry in the air but not in the sun.
Topo Designs Avoid a washing machine
  • Soap and water are recommended, but the process will be long;
  • Dry cleaning is the best way;
  • Do not use a machine dryer.
ULA Equipment Washing is allowed
  • Wash by hand or by machine;
  • Use warm water and a mild detergent;
  • Do not dry in the machine but the air.
North St. Bags Don’t clean in the washing machine
  • Utilize a soap solution with warm water;
  • Dishwashing liquid will cope with heavily soiled areas;
  • Dry the product after rinsing.

INFO: other popular brands such as Herschel, Jansport, SwissGear and The North Face allow the use of a washing machine in most cases. But you must check for more information on your fabric type.

Basic Rules and Preparation

can you wash a backpack in the washing machine: rules

Manufacturers do not recommend washing bags very often. They advise to clean them from dust more often. It is good if the thing has a mark with care recommendations. I always monitor it before purchase. However, besides, you ought to know a few rules:

  • You can’t wash every type of bags in the washer, due to various inserts, fasteners, etc.;
  • Learn how to wash a backpack with the leather bottom;
  • You need to pay attention to the fabric;
  • Most synthetic materials should be washed by hand;
  • Some textiles do not tolerate water at all and need only dry cleaning.

How to Clean Backpack?

I often travel and use a rucksack. It is quite large, so I do not like to wash it by hand. I use automatic cleaning. However, before the procedure, remove everything from it: belt, iron inserts, etc. I empty all my pockets and tuck in all the zippers. If you are afraid of damaging the thing, you can put it in a case or bag. Also, I often immerse it in water with household soap for 1-2 hours. This procedure makes it easier for me to get rid of stains and even remove mold.

The Right Tools

Liquid detergents are a momentous option for such things. I never use washing powders to clean bags because I have experience. One day, after washing powder, I received a product with colorful stains.

Washing Backpack in Washing Machine

Washing your backpack in a washing machine at the correct temperature

If you decide to utilize a machine, learn a few tips:

  • Set the temperature to 30-40 degrees;
  • Disable spin and dry mode;
  • Put an extra rinse;

Do not clean in the machine knapsacks made of dense synthetics and nylon. Besides, you can’t put a backpack in the dryer.

Washing Various Fabrics

As I said, backpacks can be made of different materials. Therefore, each fabric needs different care and washing in general. I checked the washing on bags made of three fabrics, so I decided to share my experience with you.

  • Cotton – If you have a cotton backpack, you can see on the label a permit for hot water. However, I do not advise you to use it because the textile can shrink. I wash a cotton bag in cold water, wring it out and air dry.
  • Polyester – You may wash the polyester backpack in the washer if it doesn’t have leather inserts or metal clasps, brooches. I wash it in cooling water utilizing the delicate mode. However, before that, I brush the belts and back separately with soapy water. They are the most polluted. You may also take shampoo or dishwashing cleanser.
  • Jeans – You can wash a denim bag in the washer. However, you should use freshening water and low revs as the jeans can fade. Also, do not use a dryer.

How to Disinfect Backpack?

From time to time, bedbugs can appear in our clothes as well as on bags. So, in some cases, we just need to resort to washing. According to the research of the University of Minnesota, there are several ways to kill bed bugs. One of the best options is cleaning in the washer. Of course, you ought to pay attention to the label on your rucksack. It indicates which washing and drying are permissible.

How to Dry a Backpack after Washing It?

Most makers do not recommend drying rucksacks in the washer. As for me, I always hang it in the shade on the air. That option is the safest for your thing. Never carry it out in erect sunlight. That action can harm some materials and ruin it.



How Do I Get the Sweat Smell Out of My Backpack?

A backpack is a useful thing for many adults and schoolchildren. However, wearing different goods, food may cause dirt and odor. I often face this problem and keep my backpack in a weak solution of baking soda and vinegar for 1-2 hours. Or you can dilute vinegar and soap in water and splash about the rucksack.

How to Get Ink Stains Out of Backpack?

Take notice of the fabric, because you can't use the same products for different materials. However, if you do not have leather but cotton or polyester, then utilize hairspray on the stain. Then rub the place, and wipe with a clean damp cloth. You can also soak the rubbed area with alcohol. Soap, eraser, scotch tape can also help.

How to Deodorize Backpack without Washing?

Surely, you won't be able to wash your knapsack often. And if you wear it all the time, it starts to smell bad, right? If the smell is inside, then you can pour soda there and shake it. After that, turn the bag and dry a little in the sun. I often utilize vinegar with soap in water. It'll act as a perfume for a backpack.

How to Wash a Leather Backpack?

Do not wash the leather product in the washer. Leather things are generally afraid of complete immersion in water. Therefore, you should make a soapy water and wipe the dirt with a cloth. And then repeat the action with a clean cloth.

How to Dry Backpack in Dryer?

The dryer can have a detrimental effect on the product. As a result, the thing can shrink and spoil the shape of the backpack. Makers do not recommend the use of a machine for drying such things. I dry the bags in the air without the sun. Of course, if you don't have time, at least, turn on the cold air.

Can You Wash a Backpack With Clothes?

I wash backpacks and bags separately from other things. Otherwise, put it in a pillowcase or laundry bag. Add liquid cleaner, and be sure to turn on the delicate method with no hot water.

How to Clean a Backpack without Washing Machine?

A bowl of diluted soap in water will help you. Take a brush and wipe the whole backpack with it. Then rinse well and air dry. If there are stains on the bag, then vinegar, soda, or hydrogen peroxide, lemon will be able to remove them.


As follows, can you wash a backpack in the washing machine? Look at the material. Some aggressive detergents can cause enormous damage to the product. And we, of course, cannot know all the properties of a fabric. Therefore, I advise you not to ignore the small tips on the label and care recommendations at the time of purchase. The label is invisible on the outside, but it must be sewn somewhere inside the product. It is better to choose a product that you can take care of properly. By making the right choice, you will wash backpacks from the dirt after lunch boxes without harm. So, save yourself from unnecessary hassle and follow the advice.


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