How to Make a Secret Pocket in a Backpack

Secret pockets are relevant today. You can hide money, documents, phone, credit cards, and other valuables there. So, they are a refuge from thieves. The market offers a lot of models of bags or clothes with hidden pockets. However, you do not have to buy a new thing. If you have a knapsack not equipped with such storage, I offer you some tips and instructions. So, how to make a secret pocket in a backpack?

Ways to Create a Secret Pocket in Your Backpack

Are you going on a trip? You take important documents, valuables and money, don’t you? I advise you to think about your savings and protect yourself from theft. A secret pocket will be useful in various situations.

backpack with hidden pockets.

My granny always talks about hiding money and documents away from human eyes on any trip. She loved giving me a backpack with hidden pockets. I did not use such compartments. One day, thieves stole my money and phone from inside my bag. Since then, I always remember my grandmother’s advice. Sometimes, I sew pockets in backpacks, bags or clothe myself.

I often take a sturdy, durable fabric of the same approximately color as the rucksack. The pocket must be secret, so it should not stand out and be conspicuous. It is best to find a piece of genuine leather. Then the department will be even waterproof and efficient.

On Reddit, I saw that people are looking for a backpack with a hidden compartment. Of course, this way is easier. But why spend the extra money? If you already have a rucksack, then you can create such a pocket yourself, even in a convenient place. Let’s find out what tools are needed for sewing. I made a chart so that you could prepare everything and understand why.

What to Use? The Purpose of Use?
Fabric To make a pocket
Thread For sewing, fastening
Scissors For cutting out details
Sewing pins To attach the pattern to the backpack
Soft ruler tape For measurement

The sewing process itself does not require much effort. If you have ever held a needle with a thread, then you will succeed. Do you have some creative skills? Learn how to sew a hidden zipper pocket yourself. It’s simple and easy without even having a sewing machine.

Guide: How to Sewing Hidden Pocket

Step 1

How to Make a Secret Pocket in a Backpack

Measure and cut a pocket out of fabric and lining so that you can fold it in the center. Proportions and depth depend on your desires and the items you will hide there.

Step 2

Sew the lining to the fabric. If the material is overdue, then hem it around the edges.

Step 3

Sew the zipper to both sides of the pocket. At one end, I advise you to make a triangle out of fabric and put the end of the zipper inside. It doesn’t break later. Sew all three other sides.

Step 4

How to Make a Secret Pocket in a Backpack

Choose the place where you will attach it. I always take into account comfortable access and capacity. Most importantly, you have to make storage in the backpack with a secret pocket, invisible to human eyes.

Step 5

Attach the pocket with a pin to the chosen place. Then sew it with the ribbon around the zipper. Thus, your pocket will be pressed against the wall of the bag and will be invisible.

A Few Tips from Me

  • Choose a tight fabric. It will be more reliable and durable. Also, you may easily clean it inside even without washing it.
  • Take strong threads and sew them several times. Yes, a hidden zipper purse will be attached better.
  • Pick up the color according to your rucksack. However, make sure that the fabric does not fade. Thus, you can wash your knapsack properly and keep it looking.
  • Take a piece of fabric for your pocket according to your needs. I mean size. Too large a compartment will stretch under the weight of the phone. Even the owner will search for a credit card for a long time.

Useful Video

Are you still worried about how to hide stuff in your school bag? I advise you to make such small storage on the inside. You can do such a wallet for yourself and your children. I think it will help hide valuables and money from evil eyes and petty thieves. You can choose a design that suits only you. This method is perfect protection anywhere.


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